Thursday, November 26, 2015


The 12th Fleet is a group of people assembled from all around the world each bringing something to this community of friendly and fun Starfleet officers assigned to starbase Valhalla, an experimental space station along the Klingon/Federation border. An area filled with new challenges to overcome. These proud men and woman who have proven themselves time and time again in their respective fields will endeavour to uphold the fleets values and motto: Praecessi qua nemo has absentis pro and uphold the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets.

New members are asked to choose a division based on their preference of what they like to do in game. Once they have done this they will be assigned to that division.

If you want to play in a fleet with people who have years of Real life and MMO leadership experience then don't hesitate and join.

Our focus

We focus on a variety of things making it possible to do what interests you. Your wishes come first.

PVP: Take the fight to the enemy and participate in the organised events where we fight other fleets from the Klingon Empire in the neutral zone or where ever we might encounter them and show them that there will be no surrender, and no retreat.

PVE: Are you not the combat oriented type, fear not because we will set up raids, assist each other with group missions and advice. You are never alone in the 12th Fleet, someone will always be there to offer a helping hand.

RP: Have you always dreamed of being that intrepid doctor or that skilled Starfleet engineer? Now you can! The 12th Fleet has some players that enjoy the occasional RP and have written entire biography's about their characters and bridge crew.